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Friday, 30 September 2011

Why This Blog Could Get Interesting

So it's not like I've started blogging just because I was a bit bored or something. And I have a perfectly functional analogue diary sitting on my bedside table that I write in sometimes (with a real pen!), so I'm not going to blog about last weekend's family reunion or how worried I am about my cat who got in a fight and now has a limp. I guess one of the reasons I was so keen to start blogging was that I wanted to practice writing in terms of tossing my thoughts around a bit.

Like I said earlier, I make comics, for the most part short and funny ones. But when I sit down to read a comic, I like to snuggle up in my couch with a cup of something hot and disappear in some wonderful world of colours and art and story. Like Bone. Or Maus. (Ok, these are originally black and white, but you catch my drift). Or a volume of Flight. Or Strangers in Paradise, an all-time favourite. I can spend minutes looking at a single panel of any one of these, trying to work out how it was done, or what the author was thinking, and what I would have done if I was the author. Reading a comic isn't just a pastime for me, I can't help but try and learn stuff while I'm at it, whether it's storytelling tricks or colouring techniques or what have you.

So i might tell you right away that I'm hoping to make my own Grand Epic Comic one day. I've already done quite a lot of research for it, but I'm not going to actually tell you what it's about because let's face it - there are people out there who wouldn't think twice about stealing ideas. But I can use this blog to air my head a little, vent some frustration, write about something else altogether.

Also I was wondering if I should try to write the whole comic as a book first, not a proper book of course, more like a manuscript. Comics have a lot in common with filmmaking, and films also start out with manuscripts. Then they move on to storyboards, and what is a storyboard if not a rudimentary comic?

Anyway, this was a rather serious and perhaps dull blog entry, but now it's out there - I want to make an Epic Comic, so maybe now I'll get my ass in gear and do something about it. Here's a picture to lighten things up a bit.

Oh, and today's recommendation: Fisherman's Friend. They really do clear up the pipes something wonderful.

Edit: When I write Grand Epic Comic, I obviously mean graphic novel. With lots and lots of pages. Probably more than one book. Maybe many. Who knows.