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Friday, 30 September 2011

This Is What I Do For A Living

Right, so I thought I might have a little show-and-tell today. I make comics, which are then printed in various papers and magazines here in Norway. My longest-running comic to date is Reveland, which translates as "fox land/country" which just sounds lame. "Reveland" also sounds lame, but that's what it was called back when I was twelve and made the first comic about Superfox who saved pretty girls from drowning and suchlike, and I never got around to changing it and now I reckon it's too late.

In the year 2000 I entered a comics contest with an extremely naïve rendition of my fox universe, but then, I was eighteen and an art student and all ironic and clever and things. I never heard from the jury. Three years later, though, I entered again, and this time I was runner-up. That was encouraging, so of course I put my comic in a drawer and didn't look at it again until 2007 (thanks to my chiropractor, who is a great believer in following your dreams and listening to the universe and things) when I got it printed in my local newspaper. Four years later, I'm making four different comics on a regular basis. I quit my day job in January 2009. I worked in a gardening center, but I'll save that story for later.

Here's an example of my comic Reveland:

(I know, that joke is SO old. But it had very little text so it didn't take me long to translate it. I'm super busy you know. That is why I'm writing a blog entry instead of actually working)

I'm also proud to say NONE of my comics have ever been refused for print. Except one, because it was so obscure that the editor didn't understand the joke. It was about that milkshake-song and all the boys to the yard and I made that Scotland Yard, which in the comic was a stick at the Scottish official yard-measure themepark where you could get chilled milk beverages, and --- okay, I guess I understand why they refused that one.

Did I mention I have a baby? He's six months old today. Hooray!