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Thursday, 29 September 2011

First Entry

Hi there. Hello. Yes. Welcome to my blog! If you read this, you're --- probably very thorough, seeing as it's my first blog entry here, and that means that maybe my blog in the distant future has become quite popular and you wanted to read the whole thing and not just the new entries. So I should probably write something really interesting and funny here to make it worthwhile for you. Yes.

Right. Well, I'm a tall blonde Norwegian, but don't let that put you off. I'm a comics creator, which means I write and draw comics for a living, which is pretty cool. I'm also sometimes a fine artist, in fact I have a fine arts degree, so occacionally I paint something and maybe someone buys it. When they do, I get really happy, because then I get money and also unsold paintings take a lot of storage space.

I just did an internet test that showed that I in no way have Asperger's syndrome, however I do tend to get intensely interested in things and obsess about them, so if you for some reason keep reading my blog over a lengthy period of time you'll probably see evidence of this and then you'll probably be a little annoyed. Don't worry though, I usually lose interest after a while. But this will mean that I might write things like "I WANT TO BE A WRITER SO BAD AND I HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA FOR A BOOK WHICH WILL SELL MORE THAN THE BIBLE AND BE MADE INTO FILMS WHICH WILL WIN ALL THE OSCARS IN THE WORLD", so when that happens, just smile and nod and carry on with whatever you're doing.

For said reason, see above, I won't say that this blog is about anything. Because even though today it might be a blog about comics, tomorrow it might be about cooking. Or babies. Or computers. Or art history. Or cookies. It probably won't be about politics, though. Or mathematics. Or ferrets. Or unicorns and rainbows. Sorry about that.

Anyways, a good blog entry should include a picture, so I've drawn one for you. It's not very good though. Here it is:

Also, a good blog entry should include a recommendation of something. So I recommend you go ahead and read the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. It's really good. Here's a picture of it:

Right, have a nice day, then!

Edit: You might wonder why I called this blog "Have a Dang Cookie". I haven't really got an answer for that. I'll probably change it sometime. When I've thought of something really good.

Sub-meta-edit from the future: It's not called Have A Dang Cookie anymore.

Edit 2: That little drawing I made above? I made that on a Bamboo Pen&Touch Special Edition. It has a little program called Doodler. It's very basic but pretty neat.