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Sunday, 8 January 2012

First Shopping Revelation

As the modern, hi-tech and lazy person that I am, I do a lot of my shopping online. Because of this, I regularly receive clothes catalogues from a couple of companies. It's only the 8th of January, which means we're technically not even half way through winter, but true to form the new spring catalogues have arrived, full of tan, skinny people on the beach, promoting clothes in bright colours.

Even though my New Year's resolution is to not buy clothes for myself this year, I had a flip through to see what I'll miss out on.

Not much.

Which leads me to speculate. How would it be if I didn't have that New Year's resolution? Would I have found something I liked in the catalogues then? And here's a bit of shopper psychology that I made up all by myself but that I think is pretty accurate: When people have the chance to buy something, they feel they might miss out if they don't. Every year when new catalogues arrive, I dog-ear pages and cross out things that are "pretty nice" or "will be fun to wear if the weather is just right and I'm on a beach". Because I've felt I'm missing out if I choose not to buy anything, I've bought something simply for buying's sake.

Now that I'm not burdened by the opportunity to shop, I can admit to myself that, actually, none of the clothes appeal to me.

That, or it's just shitty design this year.
Lucky for me.