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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Magical Mystery Letter

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today, my husband and I recieved this letter:

 Not very interesting at first glance. But really, this letter is RIDDLED with mysteries. Firstly, that there was no return address. I have no idea who sent it.

Second, inside was a christmas present with no tag on it. Just a flat object in wrapping paper, no ribbon, no knowing who it's for (though it's pretty safe to suppose it's for me and/or my husband) or, again, who it's from.

But the true mystery lies in this small detail:

 There. Do you see it yet? No? It says "23 DES 2011".

Today is the 21st. 

I have recieved a LETTER FROM THE FUTURE.

I can only assume that I, in the next couple of days, will be contacted by space/time continuum scientists who need someone to test their new time machine, and have in fact sent this letter TO MYSELF backwards in time. I can't wait to open in on christmas eve to see what I've given myself! Aww, thanks, me! You shouldn't have!