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Monday, 31 October 2011


Imagine for a second that you're a road construction worker. You build roads all day, all year, in all kinds of weather. Most likely the road you're working on was already there and you're just trying to make it bigger and better. You're surrounded by heavy machinery, cones and traffic. So you probably wouldn't want cars speeding past you at 80 km/h, would you? No? Good.

So WHY GOD WHY do some people still speed past road construction workers at 80 km/h?!

This goes out to YOU, owner of a black Citröen C4 from Notodden Bil & Speed Shop AS with registration number NV 53036, you and all your brainless speed-head buddies, guess what, when the signs on each side of the road says "40", this DOES NOT MEAN you get to add them together and drive in 80, okay? See, there's a REASON that sign says 40, and that's because OPEN YOUR EYES MAN there are road construction workers and pedestrians all over the place and YES the road is wide and new and nice and the tarmac is flawless and everything, but it STILL does NOT mean you get to drive in 80 because it's the speed sign that decides how fast you get to drive, not your subjective opinion of the road quality.

And yes, said owner of said Citröen, I might have flipped one of your fellow speeders the bird once when I was sick and tired of people overtaking me when I dutifully kept driving at 40 like the sign told me to, but even if I resorted to a childish act, he should not have answered by throwing his car in front of mine and braking hard so that I almost hit him, because not only was that equally childish, it was also DANGEROUS.

You need a better reason to drive within the speed limit?



To clarify: The reason I know so much about that Citröen is not that I drove as fast as him after he whizzed past me, but that after a few hundred metres he had to stop in line for temporary road lights because of the road works, and I was the next car in line. Yeah man, that's right, you saved NO TIME, NONE, by overtaking me. Numbskull.